WELEDA: A brand so in tune with nature!

Updated: Feb 18

Imagine a brand so in tune with nature, it harvests its ingredients in alignment with the moon and stars!

I get asked quite often what would be a good plant based skin care line and for me nothing compares to the Swiss brand Weleda.

When I was about 26 years old my face starting breaking out really bad. Being a makeup lover as I was back then (and obviously still am lol), the option of not covering my problems with makeup didn't even resonate in me.

I wanted to do something to take care of my adult acne but what? Instead of not wearing makeup and let my skin do its job, like everybody was suggesting, I started looking at skin care products with a better INCI (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient)

That's when I stumbled upon several European skin care brands which were either organic, or 100% vegan, or a combination of both. After trying a couple of brands, I found Weleda and fell in love with it!

So, what did I buy?

I went ahead and purchased few products from the brand: Clarifying Gel Cleanser, Refining Toner , Awakening Serum - Pomegranate , and their best selling moisturizer Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream

I got rid of all the other products I had in my stash and started following religiously this new regimen.

The Clarifying Gel Cleanser is a refreshing gel cleanser, for oily and combination skin types, that deeply purifies pores to clear away oil and impurities while leaving skin soft and healthy-looking.

  • Clarifies impurities without disturbing your skin’s innate protective barrier

  • Leaves skin feeling refreshed and soothed with clearer pores

  • Rebalances moisture with replenishing ingredients like jojoba and babassu oils

The Refining Toner refines, clarifies and perfects all skin types.

The Awakening Serum - Pomegranate is a fast-acting strengthening serum for the skin.

The Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Cream has a rich plant blend formula that transforms skin to appear more luminous.

After using all these products for about 6 months, my skin started clearing up and the most important part for me was that I never had to stop wearing makeup!

Finally, after so much struggle and feeling not as well as I used to about myself, I was confident in my skin again and the whole merit was of Weleda and their amazing products!

I would highly recommend Weleda to anybody looking for products with amazing ingredients, ethically sourced since 1921, with commitment to quality and actually delivering what's promised on the packaging.

Also, did I mention that they have a BABY line, perfect to take care of the little ones very delicate skin? How amazing!

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