We all want to be successful, but what’s the key to become a successful PRO makeup artist?  

The key word is PROFESSIONALISM.

We need to learn what professionalism is in order to become successful makeup artists.

There’s only one place to learn that and it’s not YouTube. Talent is not enough. Passion in not enough.

You can keep doing bridal makeup at 50$ and work 52 weeks a year but that doesn’t mean you are being successful, you are just blending an eyeshadow or applying a lipstick without giving to the Art of Makeup the value it deserves. 

Instead, enroll in a professional makeup school, look for a successful makeup artist and ask to be their assistant, look for more experiences, crave for more, and more, and eventually you’ll learn what professionalism is and you’ll be able to say you are SUCCESFULL PRO makeup artist!

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