The original Makeup Eraser

With better attention to the environment, in the recent years, cosmetic companies have been providing sustainable solutions to our industry. Even if the use of microfiber in the cosmetic world isn't something completely new, the idea behind Makeup Eraser is quite interesting. The Company formulated a "a better, softer and plusher material" than the microfiber that was already available in the market. The goal was to create a fiber that would wipe every kind of makeup off, including waterproof makeup, with only the use of water.

Personally, I discovered how great microfiber is many years ago, when I was looking for something that would clean my face and also provide a mild exfoliation. Back in the day, the only option available was microfiber cloths to clean the house, and I remember going to the store and buying a pack of 3 for 5$! lol

While the cloths were cleaning my face pretty well, the fibers weren't soft enough to be used on the face and I shortly quit using them, switching back to cotton pads and micellar water to remove my makeup.

When Makeup Eraser was launched in the market, I didn't buy it immediately because I thought it wasn't worth the price. I was so wrong!! The Makeup Eraser fibers are so soft that it's become a pleasure to wash my face with it both in the AM and PM. The skin feels extremely clean and every tiny bit of makeup is removed. The Makeup Eraser also comes with a side that's slightly rougher and provides a great exfoliation to the skin.

As a professional makeup artist, I've been carrying microfiber cloths in my PRO kit for years now. I use them to wipe my brushes off in between uses (NOT in between clients!). Every time I need to switch color but I want to use the same brush, I wipe it down in my microfiber cloth. Every time I deep clean my brushes, again, I rely on the power of microfiber cloths to remove each and every bit residue of makeup.

Of course, like every other product on the market, the Makeup Eraser has some PROS and CONS but I personally think that the PROS outweigh the CONS.


- incredible cleaning power

- ability to gently exfoliate the skin

- very easy to use as it's controlled by our hands

- extreme softness, can be rubbed along the lash line without causing any irritation

- cool looking designs


- it needs to be washed after every use to restore its power

If you are interested in knowing more about the Makeup Eraser and if you'd like to try it yourself using one of the available coupon codes, click one of the links below:

Yes, these are Affiliate Links! I make a tiny commission of you use them!

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